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@wslaton, 9/12/13 8:31 AM

d1df7507407b1dbb7a79cf55f156a20c_normal.jpegWill Slaton (@wslaton)
9/12/13 8:31 AM
@FromTheLabBench Feynman’s Challenger o-ring in ice water demo. Also fantastic stories here:…

@BBC_Future, 9/12/13 6:14 AM

BBC_Future_logo_normal.jpgBBC Future (@BBC_Future)
9/12/13 6:14 AM
How to unmask the invisible universe. (nonUK)

@KathyPerret, 9/12/13 6:14 AM

1cc41957e10f23b3c80ad4d15e1f6ec7_normal.pngKathyPerret (@KathyPerret)
9/12/13 6:14 AM
“When the cook tastes the soup, that’s formative assessment; when the customer tastes the soup, that’s summative assessment” P. Black #iac4k

@librarycongress, 9/12/13 6:14 AM

logo_normal.jpgLibrary of Congress (@librarycongress)
9/12/13 6:14 AM
Constitution Day = Sept 17. Not QUITE everything you need to know is here & what’s missing is coming on the 17th …

@nprnews, 9/12/13 6:15 AM

nprnews_icon_normal.jpgNPR News (@nprnews)
9/12/13 6:15 AM
You May Not Want To Look: Blobfish Named ‘Ugliest Animal’

@HuffPostBiz, 9/12/13 6:15 AM

business_normal.pngHuffPostBiz (@HuffPostBiz)
9/12/13 6:15 AM
Meet the company actually listening to fast food protesters’ demands

@TeachThought, 9/12/13 6:15 AM

tlqgoez04ezl1z5xw5nn_normal.pngTeachThought (@TeachThought)
9/12/13 6:15 AM
Change Your Perspective #EdChat via @thenerdyteacher